Coaching and Therapy

During a healing process, different methods are used for adults and young adults with a broad spectrum of problems with various cultural backgrounds. We work with attention, an open heart and love. Thanks to the broad training courses, we work with a positive approach based on a client-oriented  complementary way. 

During the sessions, we align with you.  
Wherever you are in life, we see you, we listen to you and we will be there for you to guide you to a happier and free(er) existence. In the sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, individual coaching and psychodynamic therapy are used, such as:

  • Neuro Linguïstisch Programmeren NLP
  • Mindfulness MBSR, MBST
  • Relationship therapy
  • Matrix coaching
  • Eye Movement Desensitization EMDR 
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Rational Emotive Therapy RET
  • Inner Childwork
  • Regression Therapy
  • Breavement
  • Angerwork 
  • Bio Energetica, Breathwork and Emotional Bodywork 
  • Systemic work Family and Organizational constellations
  • Personality therapies:
  • Inner personalities exploration aka Ego States 
  • Voice Dialogue 

Family constellations

In 2024 we will organize Family constellations. Do you want to have more insight into your role in the family? And what effect it has into your daily life? You will be guided by our team of experienced systemic coaches and psychodynamic therapists.

 Sign up now for a systemic constellation via the button below.

Couples therapy 

A healthy relationship requires attention. In which you are both fifty percent responsible for your share. When you experience that there is little or no understanding, when you have the feeling that compassion is lacking, the situation requires change. Taking the first step towards guidance takes courage. Often, people reach out for counseling when the situation has gotten out of hand. When you no longer speak the same language in your relationship and can no longer understand and find the understanding for each other, it becomes challenging to be happy together.

• Do you feel lonely while in a relationship?
• Does discussions and recriminations continue?
• Are the words no longer heard?
• Do you have the feeling like your partner tuned out? 
• Do you still love each other, but can't find genuine peace and rest with each other?
• Are you fulfilling a role ~ don't know who you are anymore? 

• Are you experiencing that you are working very hard for your family but that it isn't good enough?
• Do you notice that you have lost yourself? Is your partner no longer who he/she used to be?
• Do you experience problems in intimacy?
•  Or is there little or no trust?

Then the situation calls for a balance. During the sessions, we work on increasing trust and strengthening the relationship.

We work with different techniques aligned to what is needed. With systemic work we dive deeper into your families: what are you carrying with you from previous generation(s). And also: how do you break through old patterns?

We only work with people who dare to make a change and are committed. Are you open to change? Schedule a session with your relationship therapist.


• Couples therapy 
• Psychodynamic trauma therapy 
• Systemic Work - Family and Organizational constellations
• Regression therapy
• Hypnotherapy
• Inner Child Work
• Ego state 
• Voice Dialogue 
• EMDR trauma therapy 
• RET 
• Mindfulness 

The most commonly treated relationship problems in my practice:

✓ Recognizing the place in the relationship
✓ Organization
✓ Letting go, forgiveness and healing 
✓ Communication
✓ Strengthening the relationship
✓ Reconnect 
✓ Expressing feelings and desires - being heard and seen by your partner
✓ Giving and receiving love 
✓ Acknowledge the pain and avoid miscommunication
✓ Breaking negative interactions and patterns
✓ Trust after cheating
✓ Negative interactions and patterns
✓ Forming a new and strong foundation for the future together

Couples therapy

✓ Affair - Adultery 
✓ Autonomy in relation 
✓ Fear of commitment 
✓ Communication problems 
✓ Cultural differences 
✓ Divorce
✓ Emotional infidelity
✓ Family problems
✓ Closed relationship or open relationship
✓ Marital problems 
✓ I want a relationship 
✓ Intimacy problems 
✓ Jealousy
✓ Heartbreak
✓ Midlife crisis 
✓ Uncertainty in relation 
✓ Bereavement 
✓ Quarrels / escalations in relationship 
✓ Blended family 
✓ Divorce or stay 
✓ Sexual problems 
✓ Sex addiction 
✓ Separation anxiety 
✓ Addicted to love
✓ Cheating
✓ Self-love 


Coaching | Coaching in Nature | Online Coaching | Life Coaching | individual sessions 1,5 hour

€ 160,— incl. tax

Psychodynamic trauma therapy / Coaching / Individual sessions 
1,5 hour

€ 147,50 incl. tax

Couples therapy | Coaching | Duo therapy | Family Counseling 1,5 uur  two persons or more 

€ 190,—

Prices are including preparation reporting 


Coaching projects sessions of1,5 hours from€ 175,- excl. tax per hour. 

It might happen that you are unexpectedly unavailable and need to decline the appointment. We fully understand. We kindly request any cancellations to be made 24 hours in advance, otherwise costs will be charged.

emdr therapie

Still on track check (after a burn-out)
Six sessions at location of the practice
+ Intake session
+ Aligned exercises and home assignments

Inner Strength & Insight
Eight sessions at location of the practice

+ Intake session
+ Aligned exercises and home assignments 

De Vrije Mens

Ten sessions at location of the practice 

+ Intake session
+ Aligned exercises and home assignments 

+ Systemic Coaching

Preventive Burn-out Coaching
Twelve sessions at the location of the practice.

+ Intake session
+ Aligned exercises and home assignments 

+ Systemic Coaching 

Burn-out Coaching
From twenty sessions

+ Intake session
+ Aligned exercises and home assignments 

+ Systemic Coaching 

Contact us for more detailed information.