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Master your obstacles

With coaching and therapy you regain balance one day at a time. 


▫ Do you want to be free and experience more moments of happiness?

▫️ Would you like to reconnect with yourself and everything around you?
▫️ Do you need more self-confidence and be freed from deep-seated fears?

You will be guided by a psychodynamic therapist, a specialist in the field of trauma. Through therapy and coaching with a psychosocial holistic approach. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs will be discovered, explored and aligned. We will guide you to the core essence so that you can regain balance. One day at a time.

Many people feel disconnected and experience feelings of depression. While we feel happiest when we are in connection. The instinctive sense of belonging to someone or a group is deeply rooted in our human DNA. As a human being you consist of four different bodies: physical, mental, your (thinking) mind, your energetic body and your spiritual body. The masculine part is the physical and mental and the feminine energetically and spiritually. Our thinking pattern is an unconscious program. As a result, you can think and feel automatically the same thoughts and feelings you have experienced before. As if you are programmed and keep on handling situations from a same perspective. This is why people can end up in occurring situations. With coaching and therapy you will find balance in your life, by overcoming your fears so that you can face the future with confidence.


therapie den haag
  • 1 in 4 people will develop mental health problems
  • 30,000 people receive help every year 
  • A person has 60,000 thoughts a day
  • More than 95% of our thoughts are based on a thought pattern. 

I can't do anything right. I am not meant to be happy. I am not good enough. What do other people think of me? I am not interesting enough. I don't belong anywhere.

Do you recognize any of these thoughts? The difference between experts and less successful people are breaking through limiting beliefs. No matter from how far you think you need to come or how high the mountain seems in front of you seems at this moment no matter how deep the valley feels because of the setbacks you experience - you and your life can change! The methodologies ensure that you will go into the future with more confidence. When you become (more) aware of your thoughts and your process, you will change into who you want to be. During sessions we will work on the beliefs that are limiting you. We bend these patterns into the new free thinking. You are going to connect with your true self.

Change your DNA

  • Gain insight, become aware of your thinking pattern - so that you can break through it and be free from limiting thoughts.
  • Live more freely and from your heart.
  • Becoming completely connected to yourself and everything around you.
  • It should feel safe, familiar and comfortable 
  • I work with love, light, letting go, healing, forgiveness and new opportunities. 

After a successful process, you may notice the following changes in yourself:

  • More self-confidence - confident in life
  • More resilient or stronger
  • More vital
  • Experiencing positive emotions more often
  • More insight
  • More assertive
  • More decisive
  • Knowing how to bend or break through old (thinking) patterns
  • Feeling healed

There is attention and space for your rhythm and flow - we tune into what is needed, we adjust, so that there is surrender and peace for what is.

You in full connection with your inner strength. You are good enough!

regressie therapie

It always seems impossible until it's done”

Nelson Mandela

How life has changed for:

With all her gentleness and confidence, Djuwi takes you along in your search for the core of the problem and guides you safely to a solution, often a greater redemption than expected! Indescribably grateful!

Angelique 40

Confronting but enlightening.

Annemarie 28 

It has changed my life, I can and dare to set boundaries nowadays. I can save myself in situations which previously were exciting to me. I've learned to breathe fully and learned to embrace myself.

Alicia 26

I doubted a lot about myself and the choices I had to make in life. I procrastinated everything. My problems got bigger, but I didn't do anything about it. I was helped very well and with help I finally dared to take it on. I am very happy with the process. Thank you so much for everything.
Claudia 27

 I have gained insight into my situation and also what caused it. I see a future in front of me again. And be at peace with the past. I see myself purely as I am again - I am good as I am.

Jacky 45

What I've learned is to listen to myself. I can be who I am.
What others think is not as important as I thought. I'm much more honest about what I think nowadays.

Senne 18

After I retired, I didn't know who I was anymore. All I could think about was everything that had ever happened to me. Djuwi has helped me tremendously well. Because of her guidance, I am now happier with myself and life. Very valuable. 
Peet 67

Djuwi is patient, decisive and challenged me in a positive way.
Richard 40

I am able to relax without feeling guilty or always being busy arranging everything. I do what I need. Like making works of art together with my children.
Angelo 43

At first I didn't dare to do anything at all and I had multiple fears. Because of the panic attacks, I only stayed at home. Because of the guidance, I dared to do more and more after a while. And I started to learn to be kind to myself. I am no longer afraid and dare to do fun things again. I can enjoy life again.

Lies 28

In the past, I've had coachingsessions somewhere else. Still, Djuwi has given me more insight into the family dynamic. I am now stronger in life and more confident about my decisions.

Gunter 26

 When we got to the root of the problems, I was deeply touched. I knew there was something of course. With guidance I could find courage to go through the pain and give it space. That was the beginning of beautiful changes within me, but certainly did it made changes within my family. I'm a happier person. Djuwi is very soft and works with love and attention.
Anneke 40

If I knew that I would change this much, I would have done this years ago. I am so happy and grateful with the whole process. I recommend everyone to work on themselves.

Anoniem 45

Our clients

People are challenged nowadays. The pressure can feel heavy and can tire you down, it's easy to forget about yourself. Everything seems to have priority. The choices you have made before makes you doubt. You feel that life can be lived differently, but how? You have the feeling that you are missing out, that along the way you have lost yourself. Overcome your fears and reconnect to live the life you truly want.

Time for you. Time for a reset. 

Breaking old habits, limiting thoughts and thought patterns.

  • Do you want change? 
  • Do you want to get rid of limiting beliefs? 
  • Breaking through patterns? 
  • Finding the strength within yourself? 
  • Do what you really want? 
  • Overcoming fears?
  • Say what you think and feel?
  • No more guilt or shame?
  • Stop being scared, angry, or sad?
  • A full and more conscious life?
  • Be confident?
  • Would you like to experience positive emotions more often?
  • Be free?

The sessions are aligned and based on your rhythm to overcome fears and find balance. When you are open to renew your mind and want to work with your inner strength,  you can make an appointment.
Leave your details for a free consultation. Your happiness and freedom is closer than you think!

The most frequently handled situations in our practice:

Individual therapy:

✓ Self confidence
✓ Sexual and physical violence
✓ Sexual problems
✓ Neglection
✓ Freezing
✓ Dissociation
✓ Illness and disease behavior of the parents
✓ Depression
✓ Fears and phobias 
✓ Psychosomatic complaints; 
✓ Respiratory complaints such as hyperventilation, shortness of breath
✓ Stress complaints such as muscle pain, back, shoulder, neck pain, cramps
✓ Headaches, migraines
✓ Gastrointestinal complaints
✓ Abdominal pain
✓ Skin conditions and itching
✓ Concentration problems
✓ Insomnia
✓ Overthink 
✓ Confusion 
✓ Conflict avoidance and avoidance behavior
✓ High sensitivity
✓ Flight behaviour

Relationship therapy:

✓ Strengthening the relationship
✓ Reconnect being together
✓ Expressing feelings and desires - being heard and seen by your partner
✓ Giving and receiving love 
✓ Acknowledge the pain and avoid miscommunication
✓ Breaking negative interactions and patterns
✓ Trust after cheating
✓ Forming a new and strong foundation for the future together

Forms of therapy

✓ Anxiety therapy
✓ Burnout therapy

✓ Behavioural therapy 

✓ Body-oriented therapy 
✓ Children's therapy

✓ Coaching
✓ Cognitive behavioural therapy

✓ Communication therapy 

✓ Depression therapy
✓ Eating disorder therapy
✓ EMDR therapy
✓ English speaking therapy

✓ Grief counseling 

✓ Hypnotherapy
✓ Integrative psychotherapy
✓ Life Coaching
✓ Meditation
✓ Mindfulness
✓ Mindfulness therapy
✓ Online therapy

✓ Parental guidance
✓ Personal coaching

✓ Pregnancy counseling 

✓ Relationship therapy

✓ Solution-focused therapy 

✓ Stress therapy
✓ Therapy
✓ Trauma therapy
✓ Walking therapy
✓ Work-related therapy

✓ Youth therapy